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Dental Emergency While Pregnant

I am twelve weeks pregnant and am having a serious toothache. Is it safe to go to the dentist or will it hurt the baby?

Melissa H. – Columbia, OH


Congratulations! What an exciting time for you.  I’m sorry that in addition to all the discomforts that come with pregancy, you’re dealing with this as well.  I’d like to put your mind at ease. It is perfectly acceptable to have dental care and treatment while you’re pregnant, especially in a dental emergency.

If your tooth is hurting, there is an underlying problem. It could even be an infection. It would be worse for your baby to leave an infection in your body than to have dental work done.

Make sure you let your dentist know you’re pregnant, so he can change the treatment accordingly.

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Kid’s tooth knocked out at play group. Mom didn’t care.

We were at a playgroup.  Sometimes it can get pretty wild there and there is always bound to be an injury or two. Yesterday, though, there was a child who got a tooth knocked out. He was crying and bleeding, yet his mother just gave him a pat, dried up the blood, and sent him on his way. Shouldn’t he have gone in to the dentist to be checked out?

Rianna- Boston


It depends. I know people hate that kind of answer, but it is true.  If the child was young and the tooth was a baby tooth, it was probably not a dental emergency. There is always a chance there was some more serious damage,  such as injuring the adult tooth underneath. Only an exam would be able to tell.  It is likely, if the child is very young, that the dentist would want to put in a spacer so that the remaining teeth don’t shift while waiting for the adult tooth to come in.

However, if it was an adult tooth, then it needed to be re-implanted right away. The quicker they got to the dentist, the better chance they had of saving the tooth. If the tooth can’t be saved, there are options for fake teeth in children.

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