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Is there really a month’s recovery time for dental implants?

I want to get dental implants, but was told there is a month healing time.  I cannot afford that much time off work. Is it really that difficult?

Stewart B. – Boston


That length of recovery time isn’t for you to heal from the dental implants procedure.  You will likely be ready to go back to work within just a few short days.  You can even go back within one or two if you’re not needing a lot of implants and don’t need any teeth extracted.

The several weeks wait that you’ve heard about is the length of time between surgery and actually placing the implant crown. The reason for that is to give your bone time to form about the implant, thereby securing it.  If you place the implant crown too quickly, it could cause the implant itself to come loose.

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Dentists are my nightmare

You know how some children fear the dark? Or have nightmares about a monster?  Well, my nightmares are about dentists.  In fact, I’m dressing up as a dentist for halloween.  However, I’ve got to face my nightmare. I’ve got a toothache that I am sure origninated in the gates of hell. So…help me.  How do I not run screaming out of the office?

Amanda G. – California


You are not the only person who would run from a dentist. There isn’t a magic button you can push to take away your fear, but believe it or not, there is a magic pill.  I would look for a dentist that is compassionate with fearful patients.

Almost all of them will use some form of sedation dentistry.  With your level of Halloween costume worthy anxiety, I suggest you use at least oral conscious sedation.  There is a lighter form of sedation and a heavier, but I think oral sedation is the way to go for you.

This blog is brought to you by LIbertyville Dentist Dr. David Potts.