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Is A Root Canal Safe During Pregnancy?

I’m pregnant and have what I am sure is a dental emergency. I’ve got a massive toothache and they side of my mouth is swollen. I need to get this taken care of, but don’t want to do it if I could hurt the baby as a result.

Monica S. – Morgantown, VA


I can understand you’re concern and I’m glad you wrote. We only want the best for our babies, even before they’re born.  To be honest, you’re more likely for your baby (and yourself) to be at risk if you don’t get this dealt with than if you do.

Dental care is very safe, and if your dentist knows you’re pregnant, they’ll take extra precautions, making sure any antibiotic they give you is safe for use during pregnancy.

Based on how you described what’s going on, it sounds like you have a tooth infection. It will spread and can put you and baby at risk.  See your dentist. Let him or her know it is an emergency.

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Metal Allergies and Dental Implants

I have a severe allergy to metal. My dentist wants me to get a dental implant. I’m worried because of the titanium.  He says no one is allergic to titanium, but I break out just from putting coins in my pocket. He insists it’s OK, but how can I be sure. We’re not just talking about putting something against my skin that I can remove, we’re talking about putting something inside my jaw.

Belinda – New Jersey


I understand your concern and I’m glad you’re staying on top of your medical care. Your dentist’s tendency to blow off your concerns is distressing. While there is little evidence of a titanium allergy, I think it is best you get tested.  There are tests your doctor can do which will tell you exactly what metals you have an allergy to.

Even if it turns out you’re not allergic to titanium, I want you to be careful. While many dental implants are pure titanium, there are some that are titanium alloys. I’d ask to see the insert to be sure of the contents of the implant.

If it turns out you are allergic to titanium, that doesn’t mean you cannot get implants. There are ceramic implants on the market that could be a good solution for you.

This blog is brought to you by Dr. David Potts.