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Implant placed without bone support

I had several implants placed. They kept coming loose. On a hunch that my dentist wasn’t telling me everything, I went to get a second opinion. The second dentist told me that I didn’t have enough bone support for this procedure and that is why they keep coming loose. So, do I have any options or have I just wasted thousands of dollars? I’m now taking to asking people whom can’t treat me, because I’m having trouble trusting dentists at this time.

Natasha R. – New York


I’m sorry for the situation you’re in. I don’t want you to feel that because your first implant dentist was incompetant that you can’t trust anyone. ┬áThere are plenty of great implant dentists out there as well.

Before you go, though, you’re better served if you find out what kind of training he has. Dental school will not be enough. Ideally, he or she will also have surgical and grafting training as well.

That is the problem you had with your dentist. If your bone didn’t have enough support, bone grafting should have been done first to build it up. This doesn’t mean you can’t do that now. …obviously with a different dentist.

The one you went to for the second opinion may be a good choice. He or she may even be able to help you get at least a partial refund from the first dentist.

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