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Insurance won’t cover dental implants

I don’t understand why my insurance company won’t cover dental implants.  I completely lose two teeth in a car accident and they’re telling me I don’t need them.  It’s considered “cosmetic” to put in detnal implants.  I need teeth.  It is humiliating to have them missing. What can I do?

Gina N. – Alabama


Most insurance companies will agree that a tooth needs to be replaced, but they don’t care nearly as much about the appearance of that replacement or even the advantages to one treatment over another. Generally, what they will cover is the least expensive treatment.

That doesn’t mean it completely hopeless for you to get dental implants if you want them.  You can have your insurance cover what they will and simply pay the difference.  If that is out of your reach, your dentist likely has payment options for you.

Most dental clinics also use care credit, whihc has low and no-interest payment plans.

Talk to your dentist.  Dental implants are a significantly better treatment than most and you’ll be much happier with how they feel and function than other tooth replacements, so it is worth it to look into your options.  Your dental office can help you get the most out of what coverage your insurance does provide.

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Need too many appointments to keep my family functioning

I had severe hyperemesis gravidarum for three pregnancies and it really did a number on my teeth. I went in for a dental consultation before my last pregnancy and it was pretty bad. We’re talking thousands of dollars of work that will take dozens of visits. I’m sure it’s way worse now since I went through another pregnancy and a couple years have passed since the exam.

Honestly, I’m still trying to get into the flow of things while caring for three kiddos and I’m really not up for arranging sitters for all these visits, but my teeth are really starting to hurt. What’s the best way to tackle my dental woes in a way that’s not so intimidating/overwhelming? Do I need to see some kind of specialist who treats patients who have had hyperemesis gravidarum or can any dentist help?



Dear Amanda,

Hyperemesis gravidarum can be debilitating. Add to that your young family and the treatments could seem undoable. My suggestion is to use sedatioin dentistry.  You can do way more work in each appointment, which will cut down on the number of times you will need a sitter to go to the dentist.

You will need a friend to drive you to and from the appointments and stay with you until the medicine is out of your system enough to manage your children safely.

Your appointments will be pain free, which is a real bonus. Consult with the sedation dentist, bring the list of work you need.  Together, the two of you will come up with a treatment plan that will work for your family.

This blog is brought to you by Libertyville Dentist Dr. David Potts.