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Tired of My Partial But Worried About the Expense of Implants

I really don’t like my removable partial dentures. It’s the removable part that bothers me.  I’m so self-conscious about my missing teeth, I never want to take them out. I know that’s not how they’re supposed to be worn. I’ve been considering dental implants, but wonder if the cost is justifiable. Any guidance?

Amy S. – Nebraska


If you’re looking for something permanent, which will both look and function like your original teeth, then dental implants are your best option. They’re implanted directly into your jawbone, as the roots of your teeth are. After the bone has had time to form around the implant, securing it, your dentist will add a crown.

With a great cosmetic dentist, these will look totally natural. They’ll feel that way too. You can eat what you like without anything getting under them the way they do with dentures. You brush and floss normally, without having to remove them and use special materials. It really is like having teeth again.

If those things are important to you and will give you comfort and peace of mind, then the cost is justifiable. If you’re spending time every day worried about your dentures, or uncomfortable with them, that is wasted time, energy, and money. Dental implants can get your mind off your replacement teeth and back where they’re supposed to be.

If, however, it’s just a slight annoyance that you only consider once in a while, you may not find the cost worth it.

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Anxiety Medication and Sedation Dentistry

If I’m on anxiety medicine will a dentist refuse to give me sedation? I’m thinking of just not telling him.  If you could tell me what medicine he’ll use I can look up whether it will interact.

Allison J. – Kentucky


It would be impossible for me to do that. Each sedation dentist uses a different type of medication. It would be foolish for me to try and predict which one he’ll use. The dentist isn’t going to turn you away unless he or she finds out you’re being dishonest. When you do that, you risk your life.

You’ll be able to get your sedation. Dentists are used to anxious patients. They’re familiar with the medications that patients with anxiety and depression take. Tell him, preferably ahead of your appointment, all the medications you’re on. That will put him in the best positions to give sedation that won’t interfere what you’re already taken.

The important part is being honest.

This blog is brought to you by Dr. David Potts.