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Worried I’ll Be Humliated with Dental Sedation

I’m having a procedure which requires dental sedation. I’m seriously concerned that I’ll do something humiliating or say something I’ll regret later. Is there a way to prevent that?

Danielle C. – Pittsburgh


You’re not alone in your concern of humiliating yourselves. Many people feel they’ll act silly or worse, hostile, under the influence of dental sedation. But the truth is few people really do unless spurred on to behave that way.

The sedation formula doesn’t change your personality. It’s considered quite safe. In fact, most people visiting the sedation dentist are quite care-free. Instead of getting silly, you’ll be completely relaxed. Most patients sleep through the procedure.

The important thing is for you to bring someone you trust to your appointment to care for you. If you trust your caregiver, nothing should go amiss.  Instead of worrying about the appointment. Look at it as an opportunity to get some rest in. If you’re like most people, it will a much needed rest.

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Can a Crown Require an Emergency Dentist?

I have three dental crowns for a little over ten years. They’ve all looked great even though one of them has always had a rough spot.  You couldn’t tell by looking, though. I only knew about it from when my tongue ran across it.  The rough spot has started getting darker. Does this mean it’s failing? I’m pretty diligent about my oral hygiene. Do I need to see an emergency dentist?

Dania F. – New Mexico


This need to be looked at, but it’s not a dental emergency. It sounds like the crown is changing. That could be a sign it’s cracked, which would explain the darkness.  If that’s the case it will eventually break. That will require an emergency dentist.

When you see your dentist, have him look at all the crowns. You’ve had them for ten years. It may be getting close to time for them to be replaced. If so, it will make sense to do them all at once so you’re not making several trips to the dentist. But, that’s up to you, not a necessity.

However, if the dentist tells you to replace them all so they’ll match, that’s a bad sign. It means he has trouble making things look natural and the same without multiples.  A skilled cosmetic dentist can match just one crown. Also, for aesthetic purposes, all porcelain crowns will give a more beautiful, natural result.

This blog is brought to you by Dr. David Potts.