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Self treated a dental emergency-did I make a mistake?

I had a crown crack in half. I was out of town on business and used super glue to put it back together. Did I make a mistake? Will my dentist be able to unglue it to fix it?

Max G. – Utah


You haven’t done anything that can’t be fixed. Though, I would suggest next time you have a dental emergency you see a dentist. When you’re out of town, there are always emergency dentists who will see out of town patients.

Your dentist is used to much stronger cement than superglue. That’s the good news. The bad news is that if you didn’t glue it properly, you may need a new crown.

If for some reason, you’re in this situation again and cannot get to an emergency dentist, you can get a temporary dental cement at a pharmacy.

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Brown spot on my implants

I had a dental implant placed not too long ago. For some reason there is a brown spot on it.  When I got my teeth cleaned, it wasn’t there, but now it is back in the exact same spot.  Do you have a suggestion for me?

Brett L. – Minnesotta


Going off of your description, it is likely just a stain. Dental implants are made of porcelain. Generally, those are pretty stain  resistant.  If your implant is fairly new that may mean that it has either a minor defect or it is cracked.

If it is a defect, it’s not a huge deal unless it is visible or it is bothering you.  If it cracked, you could lose the entire implant crown.  It will need to be replaced fairly quickly. Your dentist should absorb the cost for that.

If the defect doesn’t bother you or isn’t visible, it’s likely you can just keep it clean by paying more careful attention to cleaning that particular spot.

This blog is brought to you by Libertyville Dentist Dr. David Potts.