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Sedation Dentistry and Special Needs Children

I have a child with special needs that is getting old enough to go to the dentist. I don’t think he can just sit through the appointment. I’ve been doing some research and have read that sedation dentistry is safe, but I’m wondering how often it has been done on special needs children.  He is my heart and I don’t want to put him at risk for something like a dental appointment, especially when there is no visible problem.

Miranda L. – Virginia


The love of a mother for her children is inimitable. Your heart will be safe.  Sedation dentistry has been performed many times on special needs children with great success.  If you think he just needs to relax a little, but should be aware during the procedure, then nitrous oxide will do fine.  Many special needs patients require oral conscious sedation.  Your son will likely not even remember the appointment if that is what you choose.

You didn’t mention how old your son currently is.  If he is too young to take a pill, they can give him a syrup.  It will have the same effect.

I will say, the best time to take your child to the dentist is when there are no visible problems.  It is more important to be preventative in your dental care. You don’t want his first experiences with the dentist to be for painful issues.

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Can a cosmetic problem be considered a dental emergency?

I lost a porcelain veneer. It just fell off while I was on a subway.  There were too many people in the car to look for it. I’m pretty sure it was crushed. I called my dentist, but he said losing a veneer is not an emergency and he can’t see me for a month.  I don’t want to go a month with my smile looking like this. Is there anyway a dentist would consider this an emergency and meet me quicker?

Valerie – Brooklyn


There are some dentists, including mainly cosmetic dentists, who would consider this a dental emergency. You won’t want to go to any dentist. You want one with a lot of experience in cosmetic procedures, especially porcelain veneers.

It’s not easy to match a single porcelain veneers to others, so you want to make sure they know what they’re doing.

I would call around to some of the top cosmetic dentists in your area and see who can get you in as quickly as possible. If you don’t mind my saying, you need a different dentist. A month is way too long to see a dentist when you need in quickly.

This blog is brought to you by Libertyville Dentist Dr. David Potts.