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Dentist doesn’t think I have an emergency

I chipped my tooth and wanted to get in right away for my dentist to repair it, but my dentist doesn’t consider it an emergency. I’m supposed to go on a date tonight–my first one in five years (since my husband left). I’m nervous enough about my first date, without having to be humiliated and embarassed about this tooth. Is there anything I can do to fix his or should I cancel my date?

Mara H. – Maine


Many dentists, especially cosmetic dentists, would consider this an emergency. However, just human decency, knowing your situation would mean trying to fit you in. Life is stressful enough, without having to add pressure to it.

If you can’t get your dentist to understand the situation, I’d call around to some cosmetic dentists in your area. One of them is bound to understand and help you. They will probably only be able to do some dental bonding. You’ll want a more permanent situation later, like porcelain veneers, but this will get you through your date with confidence.

This blog is brought to you by Libertyville, IL Dentist Dr. David Potts.