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Was Eating What Made Me Sick During Sedation?

I needed a ton of dental work. My dentist figured, even with sedation, it would take four appointments. My first appointment wasn’t until noon. I ate something that morning, even though they told me not to. When I took the sedation I became super sick. They asked me if I’d eaten. I was embarrassed and said no. Should I ‘fess up? My dentist wants to talk before my next appointment. I’m worried he won’t want to use sedation again.

Susan W. – Little Rock, AR


I would go ahead and confess to your dentist. Not because I don’t think he’ll treat you again, but because your dentist needs all the information in order to give you the proper dosage of sedation.

There is a good reason why you need to avoid eating. You put yourself in danger of aspiration. It’s in line with the same thought of not eating directly before surgery.

I know it’s hard feeling hungry. If you find it difficult to wait to eat, then I would suggest, after confessing to your dentist eating last time, that you request an early appointment for your next sedation session. That way you won’t be tempted.

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Help! My husband won’t stop snoring

I’m a newlywed and my sweet, wonderful new husband is a horrific snorer. I mean, leave me laying awake at night with blood shot eyes snorer. What can I do?

Lisa A. – Virginia


First let me say congratulations on your marriage. What an exciting time you’re entering into with your new life and family.

Yes, there is a way to help your sweetheart…and yourself.  Believe it or not, your husband likely doesn’t even know he’s doing it. Plus, once he gets the help he needs, he’ll find his sleep is more restful and he’ll have more energy.

It’s likely your husband has a form of sleep apnea. Most of the time, it can be treated with a simple oral appliance.

Have him see his dentist and explain what’s going on.  Make sure it is a dentist who is familiar with sleep apnea.

This blog is brought to you by Dr. David Potts.