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Are non-mercury fillings as strong as the mercury ones?

I wanted to get the non-mercury fillings, but my dentist insists they’re not as strong as the ones with mercury in it. I’m not comfortable with putting mercury in my mouth. ¬†Options?

Stacey A. – Little Rock, AR


It sounds like your dentist isn’t quite trained in composite fillings, which are mercury-free. He is incorrect in thinking them not as strong as amalgam (mercury) fillings. The way they bond to your teeth actually makes your teeth stronger.

Don’t pressure your dentist to do this procedure though. It takes special post-graduate training to do this procedure well. When not done properly, there are side effects that can be very painful. ¬†My suggestion is that you find a mercury-free dentist. They’ll be quite skilled with composite (white) fillings.

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