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What do I do if I can’t afford dental implants?

I am losing most of my teeth. The thought is horrifying. I’m only 34. I priced dental implants and almost cried. It’s bad enough to be losing so many of my teeth, but to not be able to afford to do anything about it is enough to make me shut down.  I just don’t know what to do?

Lisa A. – Michigan


I’m incredibly sorry for what you’re going through. There is nothing worse than feeling helpless. Please bear in mind that just because you can’t afford the ideal threatment, doesn’t mean there isn’t a treatment that is viable for you.

Hopefully, your dentist mentioned the possibility of dentures. They are significantly less expensive than dental implants.  When well made, they can give you a functional and attractive smile.

You’re young, so you won’t want to wear them for years, because of bone loss issues, but there are ways around that too. You can stabalize your dentures with mini implants.  Both of those options give you time to save up for dental implants if that is the treatment you really want.

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