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Protecting yourself from assault under sedation

How can your protect yourself from sexual assualt while under sedation?

Amanda D. – New Jersey


Let me assume from your question that you’re worried about the dentist assaulting you while you’re under sedation. Dental sedation isn’t the same as surgical sedation.

You are conscious. You’re just pain free. All your protective reflexes are active.

However, if you’re still concerned,  you can request the hygienist stay present.

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Is swelling a dental emergency?

I tend to be a worrier and most of it is in vain, but I wanted to check something out to be certain. My daughter has a wisdom tooth coming in. She mentioned it was bothering her, when I looked, it looks to be bubbling out.  Thoughts?

Patricia H. – Moore, OK


It sounds like your daughter has pericoronitis. This doesn’t start out as a dental emergency, but can become one.

When a wisdom tooth erupts, it sometimes has a flap of skin under which food and other debris can get trapped. This leads to bacteria multiplying. If caught at this stage, some irrigation usually clears it right up.

However, if it isn’t caught early, it can quickly become and infection and spread. It usually shows up as a bubble or abscess. This is a dental emergency and is where your daughter’s case seems to be. It is a good thing you followed your instincts.

This will need treatment right away. Contact your dentist.

This blog is brought to you by Libertyville, IL dentist Dr. David Potts.