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Why Didn’t the Emergency Dentist Notice My Cavity?

I had some tooth pain and called an emergency dentist. I knew of one cavity already, but suspected there was more than one, because the tooth next to it was hurting as well.  When I got there he seemed rushed and just banged around. He told me there was one cavity, but not on the tooth I knew there was. When I pointed out the other tooth, he just said, “Oh yeah. That one too” and sent me on my way. I have no confidence in this dentist and am not sure how to move forward. What would you recommend?

Amanda – New Jersey


It sounds like the emergency dentist you went to was in a rush. I’m a little surprised he missed a cavity, especially one you already knew was there. But, dentists can have bad days too, I suppose.

You’ve lost confidence in this dentist. As he’s not your regular dentist, I’d suggest you just schedule an appointment with another dentist to have the actual work done. Let them know ahead of time what the previous dentist said, so they’re prepared in the appointment to set aside time to deal with fillings.

They’ll likely want to double check what the emergency dentist said and do an x-ray, just to be sure.

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Is It important to Get Screw Retained Implants?

I’m getting a dental implant. They’re pretty pricey. The dentist that comes the most highly recommended prefers screw-retained implants. However, they are more expensive..or at least he is. Are they worth the additional cost?

Maisy D. – Delaware


While it is by no means necessary, there are advantages to screw-retained dental implants. For one, it eliminates the need for cement. When the dentist puts the restoration on, cement will always leak out. There’s really no way to prevent it. Then the dentist has to remove it with handtools. If he can’t get all of it, it can become an irritation and storehouse for bacteria.

It’s also much easier to remove the restoration if something goes wrong.

However, there are times when it won’t work. Usually, that is on the front teeth, because it will affect how the implant will look.

The key is to talk to your dentist. Make sure it’s a dentist you completely trust. One that is highly qualified. If you do that, you can feel confident in whichever type of retention he or she recommends.

This blog is brought to you by Dr. David Potts.