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Is Dental Sedation Like Surgical Sedation?

I keep hearing great things about dental sedation which appeal to me. I’ve never had a dentist’s appointment that I liked. Never. But, the idea of being knocked out terrifies me. How much is dental sedation like surgical sedation?

Cassie A. – Boston


I have good news for you. There are several levels of dental sedation. Most of which you will have complete control of your consciousness and reactions.

In your particular case, I’d recommend oral conscious sedation. It’s a pill you take. You’ll be completely conscious, but completely relaxed. However, you’ll be so relaxed that you’ll need someone to drive you to and from the appointment. It would be helpful if they could stay with you until the medicine wears off as well. You won’t be too steady on your feet.

The great things you’ve heard are true. ┬áThere have been many patients who came to an office after years of avoiding the dentist only to have sedation dentistry change their life. They are finally able to get all their dental work done without feeling debilitating fear.

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Is My Tooth Crumbling?

I had a temporary filling put in this week after a root canal. I’m scheduled to get a crown in a week. I’m wondering if I have a problem and need to get in sooner. I was eating some potstickers and I think my tooth started to crumble. I keep feeling something grainy when I’m chewing. Do I need to get in today?

Morgan – San Diego


It’s more likely that your temporary filling fell out. Potstickers are pretty sticky and they could have encouraged the filling along. I don’t think you need an emergency dental appointment yet.

Look at the tooth. If you see a hole in the middle of the tooth, that’s likely where the filling was. Temporary fillings are designed to come out easily, so your dentist can place its permanent replacement. ┬áThere are temporary replacement fillings that you can use to fill the hole until your appointment. You can get them at a local drugstore, but they’re only meant to last a few days.

However, if you look back there and it seems as if the tooth has broken, then I’d call the dentist. They’ll be able to work you in as an emergency appointment. Either way, you’ll be taken care of.

This blog is brought to you by Dr. David Potts.