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Sedation for smells

Can I use sedation dentistry simply because my dentist smells horrible?  I dont know what is going on with the man. He’s never smelled bad before, but the last appointment, I thought I was going  vomit.  I know it isn’t the typical reason for using sedation, but it’s that or switch dentists.

Carla- Idaho


It’s not unfeasable for you to use sedation dentistry for that reason. I guess it could be considered dental anxiety, just for a different reason from normal.

If he’s never smelled bad before and it has gotten that bad, you may speak to the hygienist. He may be going through something difficult that has caused him to neglect taking care of himself.  He must care about his practice, or he wouldn’t keep coming.

I bet if the hygienist mentioned patients were starting to notice the smell, then he would do something about it and you wouldn’t need the added expense of sedation.

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I’m in pain and my dentist won’t see me for two weeks

I’m very frustrated. I called my dentist to tell him I’m in massive pain and they said the soonest they could see me was in two weeks. He didn’t seem to care what kind of pain I was in. I can’t do this for two weeks. I’m going through more ibuprofen than I think is safe. What do I do?

Audrey H. – Montana


The first thing you do is get another dentist. The least he could have done was seen you to try to get you out of pain. I’m sorry he doesn’t seem to care.

I think you should see who are emergency dentists in your area. They’ll see non-established patients. Most will see you the same day you call.

Pain is a symptom that something is wrong. I don’t think you’re in danger of this, but don’t put this off. It will only get worse.

This blog is brought to you by Libertyville Dentist Dr. David Potts.