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Will Dental Implants Give Me Teeth Like Jamie Foxx?

I lost a couple of teeth in a car accident. I’ve been seriously depressed over this, but just read that Jamie Foxx had a tooth knocked out for a movie role. He looks like he has great teeth. If I got dental implants would my smile look that nice?


Dear Cecilia,

I did some research to try to figure out what type of dental work he had done. I’ve pasted a picture below to show a progression with his teeth.

In his early years, he had a tooth gap. The gap was closed at some point, but I think that was done with orthodontics.

An interview revealed he had a tooth “chiseled” for his role in the soloist. It wasn’t clear whether that meant knocked out or just part of the tooth structure. If it was knocked out, he’d likely get a dental implant to replace it. If it was just chipped, he’d likely get a dental crown to make up for the lost structure.

The final picture shows he’s had cosmetic work done. The beauty of the work hints to me of a combination of porcelain veneers and dental implants (or crowns).

If you get a dental implant, it can be made to look beautiful with a good cosmetic dentist. It can look just like your natural teeth. If you’re wanting to improve your smile (and I’m not saying you need to) you can get a smile makeover, even with a dental implant. The veneers and implant can match exactly.

You won’t need to be depressed. Accidents happen and you’ll have a gorgeous smile.

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Can I Take a Sleeping Pill Before Dental Work?

I’ve got an upcoming dental appointment where I need some work done. I have dental anxiety. I’d really rather just sleep through the procedure, but my dentist doesn’t believe in sedation dentistry. I’m too scared. Would it be okay if I just took a sleeping pill before I went?

Loriee L.

Dear Loriee,

I’m going to say up front this isn’t the best dentist for you. With your dental anxiety, you need a sedation dentist. Here are the biggest concerns.

It is possible that your regular office will be okay with you taking some type of medication (like sleeping pills) during your treatment, but if they are you should have a discussion with your doctor about it well in advance. They’ll need to make sure that you won’t have any interactions with other medications he gives you.

Another potential concern is that the medicines you’ll normally receive in a dental office aren’t intended to put you to sleep. While many patients do doze off because they’re so relaxed, that’s not their primary function. If you take a medication which totally puts you out and you can’t follow instructions or cooperate with your treatment, there could be issues.

With sedation dentistry, you’re able to respond to your dentist. On top of this, sedation dentists and his staff receive regular emergency training and are prepared for medical contingencies. I highly doubt your current dentist and their staff have that important training.

Many patients with dental anxiety find that their anxiety causes their metabolism to speed up, which in turns burns off the anesthetic. Some patients can’t become numb without sedation.

This blog is brought to you by Dr. David Potts.